HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 12th May

hukd_logob Once again, here’s some of the best bargains around at the moment, courtesy of HotUKDeals.

937220_1You might still be torn over whether or not to invest in the Nintendo 3DS and have aliens jump out of the screen and attack your eyes, but the fact that the console is down to £164.99 could sway you. There’s also £10 worth of game points thrown in to get your started.

936895_1It’s still only May but it’s probably the hottest year since the year when the Sun God came down and farted all over Africa (we know our mythology around here). Celebrate the fact and pretend it’s Wimbledon by treating yourself to a 300g serving of strawberries for only £1.00.

937074_1Next, something magical that defies comprehension, so stick with us on it. It’s a ‘Magic Eye’ that lets you watch your Sky telly in another room. We’ve never heard of anything so incredible before and the fact that it could be yours for only a fiver has got us choking on our cheap strawberries.

937157_1The bargains keep on coming and did you know that the earth is already in a precarious position with climate change altering the very face of the planet and now the Aliens have returned with more soldiers and determination than before? Well it is, at least if you’re playing Crysis 2 – currently available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 for just £22.99, with cashback and reward points up for grabs to be had for your big gaming sock as well.

Oh, and you can also get it on your PC for the even lower price of £14.99. Go get them pesky aliens before they mess up the FA Cup Final or something.

(deals found by HUKD members Mikey91, batista, guv, goonertillidie and fedexpress)

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  • taz d.
    'Andy' clearly needs to actually read the description of a deal before he posts - the Magic Eye only transmits the SIGNAL FROM THE REMOTE from another room, not the audio/video! You can only control what the box is doing, not actually watch TV.

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