HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 12th February

Ever heard the song “Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music”? You must have, the chorus goes #Music music music music music music music music music music, music music music music music music music music. It’s ace.

It sprang to mind as there’s been a lot of music-related posts on HotUKDeals over the past 24 hours – so here’s our favourites….

Lily Allen divides opinion almost as much as Saddam Hussein and Gary Glitter did while they were both still alive. Is Lily a keen-eyed pop legend in the making or just a gobby, chancing one-hot-wonder who was in the right place at the right time?

It’s almost certainly the former – her new album ‘It’s Not Me… It’s You’ is a corker, providing a bridge from Girls Aloud’s ‘Out Of Control’ to the Pet Shop Boys’ excellent forthcoming ‘Yes.’ Get Lily's album on your hard drive/audio player of choice for just £3 here or preview it on Spotify.

Next, a double CD of sumptuous alternative 80s-ness from Echo & The Bunnymen with ‘Killing Moon,’ a best of compilation from Liverpool’s finest. If you like White Lies… you’re a dick and you should be listening to the Bunnymen instead.

Back-comb your hair, put on a trench coat and stare moodily into the distance as you listen to Ian McCulloch, a man so infused with self-confidence that he believes he’s the second best singer to have ever lived (after Sinatra). Yours for just £4.99.

You might have looked at those two recommendations and thought, “Pshaw, I could make better music than that guff with a frigging Stylophone.” Go on then.

The Rolf Harris-approved electronic keyboard doo-dah never made a comeback 'cos it never went away. You can nab one for just £10.99 here. Upload your efforts on to a dark corner of the internet, send us the links and we’ll share your efforts with the world. Granted, we’re not Simon Cowell but that’s more reason to love us.

(deals found by niminator, chicobuff and MikeT)


  • The B.
    "a gobby, chancing one-hot-wonder who was in the right place at the right time?" Not likely, if you want a record deal then it helps if yourr mum's a record producer. It's the same if you want your own tv show, it helps if your dad's and actor and he's got loads of contacts in the BBC. Right place at the right time only enters the equation if you're talking about being born to the right parents.
  • Miκe H.
    Gary Glitter will never die.
  • Liddle m.
    The Real Bob makes a good point. But the important thing is how you use any privilege you've been born into. Someone who can capture so well the progressive mood about George Bush's tenure in a light popular ditty is a talent worth listening to (Track 8, 'Fuck You'). She gets my vote.
  • Liddle m.
    Oooh, the Bunnymen too! Missed that bit in my rush to praise Lily. Time to get them on my Zen for a nostalgia trip ...

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