HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 11th June

So in a nutshell then, here’s the bestest bargains from the big bargain barrel that is HotUKDeals from the last 24 hours or so. Love it.

Deals Of The Day – it’ll put hairs on your chest. Guaranteed.

Yesterday we gave you some pointers on what to do if (heaven forbid) you get involved in a car incident/accident/pile up. Today, we’re adding to the advice with this nugget – keep a first aid kit in the car.

It won’t be any good if you’re badly hurt in the smash (which we hope never happens) but it’s nice to know it’s there if you need it. This 36-piece kit can be had from tomorrow for only £3.99. Bitterwallet – because we care.

Next, on what is proving to be a trying day thanks to a third-rate hangover, a gratuitous excuse to show a picture of a lady in her pants.

It isn’t without good reason though – the deal here is for briefs, shorts and thongs where everything is just £2. Thought - do young boys still scour catalogues for their lingerie-based jollies? Or do they go to the catalogues’ websites? Or just bypass all that and head straight for the proper bongo? Hmmm…

Finally, if you’re a lady who wants to look better in a pair of alluring lady-pants or just a fat, sweaty blog editor who has eaten far too much cheese and chocolate today, you might want to cock an eyeball in the direction of Wii Fit Plus.

As the title suggests, it’s Wii Fit but with extra stuff, and although it isn’t released until the end of October, you can pre-order it now for just £29.99, a saving of £20 on the RRP. Until it’s released, stick to the sticky buns and broken promises.

(deals found by mrspatch, andywedge and olavs)

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