HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 11th February

hukd_logob1 Today’s bestest bargains from the bargain barn all stink of romantic indoor food, free music-shaped digital coding and knock-down currency from the Queen’s very own Royal Mail.

HotUKDeals are the farmers. Eeh Aye Addio.

607281We’ve still got romance fever here at Bitterwallet as the annual festival of red hot lovin’ better known as St Vitus Dance Valentines Day barrels its way towards us. But what if you can’t afford to dine out with your loved one on the weekend when all the prices go up and those of us who get the occasional bout of yankee doodle get fiscally punished for it?

Simple – you stay in with a Chinese Meal for Two instead. One that you’ve paid just £3.00 for. You’ll get one portion each of sweet & sour chicken and chicken curry, a large egg fried rice, some prawn crackers and four vegetable spring rolls. Oh, and quite possibly a smack in the chops from your other half for being such a skinflint.
Still, we don’t care because we’re all about saving cash and here’s another big bargain for you – especially if you like music, movies, as well as apps and that.

607727In today’s Daily Star, there is a voucher which can get you a fiver off a £15.00 iTunes gift card. So that’s £15 worth of music for only £10. Just please don’t spend it on anything by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers – they’re awful!

607323Finally, grumble grumble, moan moan, ooh, the price of everything these days, oh I know, shocking isn’t it, I mean look at stamps, ooh I know, first class stamps are 39p but if that wasn’t bad enough they’re going up to 41p soon, ooh it’s a bleeding disgrace etc etc etc…

Hopefully you can avoid becoming embroiled in needless conversations like that one by stocking up on your first class stamps before they go up by 2p. But you won’t be paying the current going rate of 39p… no, you can get them for 37p! So get as many as you can feasibly carry and we’ll look out for you in two years’ time when you’re posting a letter with a big smug look on your face.

(deals found by HUKD members ianshona, Julianna and WantOne)

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