HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 10th February

hukd_logob1People – it hasn’t been a great day for bargain-hunting. We’ve been scanning the hallowed pages of HotUKDeals for the usual nuggets of joy and we’re shaking our heads... because it’s actually been an AMAZING DAY for bargain-hunting.

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872959_1We kick off with the Kinect, the Xbox 360 add-on as pioneered by the boffins at Microsoft. For those of you who still aren’t in the know, it allows you to play your Xbox games without a cumbersome control pad. In fact you can even play the games when you’re asleep or remotely while you’re at work.

We assume that’s why our Mof keeps saying that he’s off to the Bitterwallet bathroom for a game of Pocket Billiards every day at lunch. It must be a frenetic game because he’s always flush of face and sweaty of brow whenever he returns. Anyhoo, Kinect plus Kinect Adventures is haveable at the moment for just £99.99.

873022_1Next comes a perennial favourite here at Deals Of The Day – the complete DVD box set of the landmark Americanarian sitcom Friends. Who among us doesn’t go dizzy with delight at the thought of the antics of Fred, Wilma, Coach, Dr Antibody, Skeletot, Johnny Bananas and Phoebe?

Now the whole thing can be yours for only £29.99 and you need never watch E4 again. What’s that you ask? Our favourite ever episode? Why that’ll be The One Where Mitch Turns Himself Into A Poisonous Gas. Isn’t it everyone’s?

homer_and_a_doughnut-1088Finally for now, something sugary and fattening that you’re probably aching to get your gob around if you spent all of January on some needless programme of detoxification or weight loss or any of that other voodoo-type shit.

It’s doughnuts, and the right kind too, with jam in them and everything. What’s more, they come in the fashionable ‘baker’s dozen’ format (we don’t know what that means). But best of all, they could be yours in exchange for only one shiny gold-coloured pound coin. Om. Nom. Nom.

(deals found by HUKD members mrbojangles90, jianping and davidone)


  • Nob
    The doughnuts are ring doughnuts, not jam filled.
  • PokeHerPete
    Ill fill your ring in a minute!

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