HotUKDeals Of The Day - Pieday The Sexteenth Of Janyoumerry

Here’s some more super-ace offers that will enhance your life to the power of loads – thanks to the smooth operators at HotUKDeals.

Today, we’re going to try and drag you away from staring at your computer screens and getting all upset at The Internet all day and night, and look at other ways you can enjoy life.

Firstly, get yourself a free eye test. If you’re as hardcore as some of our readers certainly are, you rarely blink and probably wear a giant human nappy to save you form missing anything by having to take a trip to the smallest room.

You can find out more about your free eye test here. We don’t need one – we’re practically omnipotent here. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we know about you people. Yes that means you, sitting there with your hand down your grubby little pants.
(deal found by Hicky)

Next up, get yourself a 56-piece auto-tool kit for the nut-tightening price of just two pounds and ninety nine of your Earth pence. Then go out and offer to mend something for someone. Don’t come back till you’ve done it. M’kay?

Oh, and it’s got this stuff in it – ratchet socket driver, various metric sockets, bit driver, various screwdriver bits, pliers, tyre gauge, hex keys, cable ties, St. Anger CD by Metallica.
(deal found by JasonMason)

Lastly, and we can’t recommend this one enough, you’ll need a DVD box set of Michael Palin and Terry Jones’ classic Ripping Yarns. It’s got all nine episodes and a whole heap of extra feature-me-do’s.

It’s guaranteed to make you laugh and you won’t think about going on the internet and getting angry once. Well, maybe just ONCE. In a radical copyright-smashing move, here's  one of the best episodes from the series. Try before you buy and all that.
(deal found by andywedge)


  • chrisg
    I'm offended that you think the likes of me has a giant nappy. I've refused to buy them since they were £2.99 or 3 for £9 at Tesco. :|
  • Mark
    If you fail the eye test you can try
  • Mike H.
    Did you know that any 'nonzero' number, raised to the power 0 is 1? Fuck me, that's some freaky ass shoit roight fechin' der mofunsters! On the alphanumeric scale, L = 12 I = 9 F = 6 E = 5 L = 12 O = 15 A = 1 D = 4 S = 19 Summing, we can see therefore that, LIFE = 32 & LOADS = 51 Therefore LIFE (32) raised to the power LOADS (51) = 5.78960446 × 10^76 Which is quite a bit...

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