HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 9th March

AN APOLOGY: Deals Of The Day did not appear on Friday due to industrial action. We have now settled the dispute and the only remaining issue is over when Andy’s neck bruising will subside after it was trapped in Vince’s tough-guy headlock for an hour and a half.

We would also like to announce that the Muller Fruit Corner in the fridge DID belong to Vince and that Andy had no right to eat it. Anyways, here’s a fresh round-up of the best bargains and we’re all about the kids today. Thanking you HotUKDeals

First up, it’s time to do some good. Top online children’s book retailer Red House have unveiled a great offer – for every two books you buy, they’ll donate one book to a child in a developing country.

There’s free postage on all orders and a range of pocket money books for just £2, so if you’ve got any kids in your life, there’s no excuse whatsoever for getting behind this one.

There are more than a few excuses for not getting behind this next one, even though it’s a sound financial investment. It’s a seven-pack of Chewits for just one pound.

If you want to see your kids all skittish from the sugar rush after scoffing down a packet of these things, then go ahead. You’ll be unleashing a world of mayhem that will look something like a puppy chewing on a snooker ball.

We’ve put you off the whole parenthood thing now haven’t we? We made the leap from lovely charitable acts to sugared-up chaos in one swift jump. Sorry about that.

Well, you can ensure that none of that parenty stuff ever happens to you with 144 condoms at knock-down prices at Freedoms-Shop. Never has an online store been more aptly named… ah, blissful freedom, where did thy go...

(deals found by andywedge, goonertillidie and ftse100)


  • Andrew R.
    I once bought a job lot of condoms - never again. The lubricant value was akin to trying to scooch around a blow-up settee naked with the air conditioning on.
  • acecatcher3
    ^^^^^^^^^^ way too much info..........btw are u guys really in ur own office together?? i just thought that u wrote these articles from home?? :S
  • -=Mike H.
    Andrew R, that was litterally, L.O.L funny dude, although, now I have an image of some naked dude I have never met trying to realign himself on a pink blow up sofa, with his locks billowing in the breeze... brrbrbrbrbrbrbrrbrbrb Andrew D, A puppy chewing a snooker ball is also L.O.L funny, and I now have an image of a shinny new Labrador puppy baring a red collar trying to get his lickle teef into a cue ball, oh... the hilarity...
  • Andy D.
    All aboard the ROFLcopter!!!!

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