HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 8th December

Man flu. The worst, probably the only kind of flu. If you’re a woman, you won’t understand – that’s okay, it’s probably some kind of hormonal thing. Or an inner strength that allows you lot to give birth to little people instead of us.

Either way, there’s a lot of it about at the moment, and I’ve got possibly the worst case of it in the world ever. I want some soup and I want to watch CBeebies. Failing that, I’d like someone to bring these bargain DVDs to me – just push them through the letterbox, I’m too weak to get to the door. I can just about muster some thanks to the HotUKDeals crew for finding the DVDs in the first place…

If I was well enough, I’d love to see Madagascar 2 – Escape To Africa (clip at end of post). But that’s on at the cinema and I doubt I’ll ever get to a cinema again. That’s because I think I’m dying. Seriously.

Oh well, I suppose I can make do with the DVD of the original Madagascar movie, especially as it’s only £3.99 AND comes with a bonus disc including a Christmas adventure with the penguins from the film. They’re so funny that they make my head want to explode. Or it could be my life-threatening illness.
(deal found by amibees)

Hey, where’s my soup? Anyway, afterwards, I’ll need some music to cheer me up. This Top Of The Pops DVD showcases some of the best performances from the show dating back to 1964, and it’s only £4.99

There’s no Jive Bunny, which is a shame because I bloody well loved Jive Bunny. That cartoon rabbit’s music really SPOKE to me. I think I’m becoming delirious now. I’ve just seen Diana Ross fly out of the blow hole of a whale while singing Chain Reaction and I haven’t got the DVD yet. The telly isn’t even on. Oh.
(deal found by andywedge)

Lastly, I need to feel good again, so I need to see Grease 2. Not Grease – that was okay, but the sequel really stretched the boundaries of musical cinema. Who needs John Travolta and Olivia Newton John when you can have Maxwell Caulfield and Michelle Pffeifer?

Exactly – there’s no beating songs like Let’s Bowl, and I don’t remember THAT being in the original Grease. Get the box set of both films, immerse yourself in Grease 2 and give the other one to someone you hate. I need to sleep now. Goodbye... forever?
(deal found by big-boy)

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