HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 8th August

new hukd logo If you’re not watching the capital city burn, you might want to think about how you can get yourself some tasty bargains. You know, prioritise. We’re here to help.

Here’s some of the day’s best offers courtesy of HotUKDeals. No one can EVER set fire to HotUKDeals…

992010_1Here in Britain, the social fabric is currently being ripped apart. All over London, disaffected youths are throwing off the shackles put on them by ‘The Man’ and nicking loads of stuff from shops. It could well spread right across the nation by the weekend. You should be prepared.

It could be too dangerous to walk the streets by then so you should stock up on provisions with the help of this huge list of half price groceries from Morrisons. If you don’t fancy eating it all, perhaps you could throw some of the tinned stuff through the windows of a few sporting goods stores.

992092_1If things carry on the way they are, they’ll be sending the army in to deal with the protestors/rioters/looters (delete as appropriate). So maybe you should start thinking about spending your pennies on something that will help our fearless soldiers in the inevitable aftermath of what could well become a civil war.

So have a look at the Help For Heroes charity – there’s a sale on of their merchandise with stuff starting at £1.00 and free delivery for orders over £30.00.

991811_1You might have a summer holiday booked over the next few weeks or you might have just got back from one. Either way, one thing’s for certain. By the time we get to October, you’ll be fancying another one.

How does 18 nights in Zante sound? Nice quiet spot on the beach? It won’t be too hot by then either, so that’ll be good too. All well worth a £151.75pp outlay eh? That depends on whether you can get the flights, but why not have a bash.

(deals found by HUKD members nicster08, MancboyChris and mickemoomoo)

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