HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 7th June

hukd_logob1 Right then – Deals Of The Day. Brace yourselves for a media player, a cheaper-than-chips poster and a huge box set of TV desert island nonsense.

More, much more, in fact much MUCH more of this sort of stuff is going on over at HotUKDeals…

694823First off, an offer that has been generating the kind of heat that would even scorch a concrete horse. It’s the chance to get an A2-sized poster for an unfeasibly cheap price – in fact you could end up getting paid yourself for buying one.

It’s only £2.99 to new customers but if you go via Quidco, you could get £5.00 cashback, meaning that you’re being paid the sum of £2.01 and you get a free poster bunged in as well. Nice.

694706What can we tell you about the refurbished Iomega Screenplay HD media player with network HDMI and 500GB hard drive? Apart from what we’ve already told you, nothing really. Oh, except that it’s only £49.99.

Over at HotUKDeals, they’re arguing the toss about its specs and what it can and can’t do. To us, it seems that it’ll do the job if you want to store stuff on it that you can then watch on your telly. So we’ll get one and do that with it, while there’s still some in stock.

694612If you’re pining for ‘Lost’ now that the epic TV series has come to an end, you can go through almost all of it all over again by investing in a box set containing the first five series for just £69.00 delivered.

Of course, it doesn’t contains that recent, final sixth series, but that was where we found out that the whole thing actually took place of the mind of a drowsy fly that was sitting atop a piece of half-rancid meat in the back room of a butcher’s shop in Blackburn. Oh, er, ‘Spoiler Alert’ – sorry.

(deals found by HUKD members rolandscull, shaka123 and Motion)


  • Mike H.
    LOST started off great, but when the writers started thinking about it, they realised they hadn't quite worked out what the f**k was really going on, and so bodged an ending before they got in too deep.
  • Mellow Y.
    RE: Photobox and quidco offer... you're talking bollocks, Quidco would only work on orders over £3 so you would have to go for the second print at half price offer to qualify there (and technically it shouldn't work anyway with the code according to quidco's T&C's)

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