HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 7th December

hukd_logob1 If you’ve come here looking for outrageously cheap fruits and vegetables, outrageously cheap and funny DVDs and outrageously cheap music vouchers, you could be in luck.

However, if you’ve come here looking for booze, fags and low-grade soft porn, you need the newsagents at the end of the street. HotUKDeals can’t help you. Sorry.

418T2C0R3PL._SL500_AA280_One of the top supermarkets isn’t just cutting prices, it’s taking them into the garden, nailing them to the fence and then brutally hacking them apart with a chainsaw. And hacking some of the parts of the fence too. It’s wild.

This week, you’ll be able to get each of the following for only 30p – a bag of pears, a big bag of British potatoes, a big bag of carrots or a bag/net of onions. And don’t get us started on the ‘buy one get two free’ deals (large king prawns, Phileas Fogg crisps.) Wowsers!

549437One of the greatest and most popular American sitcoms of all time is Seinfeld and if you’ve never had the pleasure of it, then you should think carefully for about, ooh, a second before indulging in this, a special edition DVD box set of the whole thing… for only £34.95.

You’ll get all nine complete series of the show as well as an exclusive bonus disc featuring an hour-long roundtable with the four key cast members and co-creator Larry David. If that’s not enough, there’s even a 226-page coffee table book, created by the cast and crew, chronicling the show. Phew.

549650Finally, a recurring favourite at HotUKDeals – free iTunes stuff. This is an offer that could see you reel in 2 x £15 iTunes vouchers for the paltry sum of just £20. You can spend it on music, apps, TV shows, iTattoos, whatever.

We’d personally recommend the latest albums by The Shower Hawks, X-Futamondo, The Billion Dollar Binheads, Steve Fartz, A Kind Of Chisel, Got Yer Noggin and Stan Ridgway. Although some of you might find some of that stuff a bit populist. Cor!

(deals found by HUKD members LightningPete, nicster08, amibees and starkey)

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