HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 6th September

hukd_logob1 We’re all about self-improvement here at Deals Of The Day today – as well as cash-saving, obviously. So today it’s doughnuts, a Blu-ray and a WEDDING RING???

Yes, a wedding ring. Us, we’re married to HotUKDeals – and the sex is STILL phenomenal!

752281_1We start with the doughnuts. After all, they might go stale, so the other stuff can wait to be honest. We’re om-nom-nomming our way through a dozen of the dreamy, doughy delights at the moment.

You could put yourself in the same position of near-sickness as us if you like, but you’ll feel much better when you realise that they could be yours for only £1.00.

752407_1Nextwards, onwards to a Blu-ray – and a movie that is regarded by everyone as a modern classic. It’s The Shawshank Redemption, the tale of Tim Robbins as he tries to hack his way out of jail using only a tea spoon as he aims to redeem a coupon before its expiry date – ironically, it's a voucher for a cheap tea spoon!

That’s how we remember it anyway – but you can check it out in pinpoint-perfect picture quality and tell us which parts of that we got wrong. And you’ll only pay £7.97 for the privilege.

752661_1Looking to get married in a hurry are you? What’s that all about then you dirty little bastard? Turns out her dad’s a bit of a traditionalist and a bit of mentalist. Should have been more careful shouldn’t you?

Never mind – at least you get yourself an ultra-cheapo ring to mark the beginning of your sham, loveless marriage. Only £23.55. It’ll be a nasty surprise for her when she tries to flog it after they fish you out of the canal.

(deals found by HUKD members lauralakeuk, sharkalos and millarcat)


  • Dane
    enough with the fucking circular items!
  • james d.
    tub of family circle?
  • Joanne
    *makes note of cheap wedding ring*

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