HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 6th April

Gather round boys and girls – we’ve got something to whisper into your delicate ears. Tales of bargains from around the world that will chill your teeth to the root and turn your hair as white as a witch’s pube.

Don’t blame us if you don’t survive – we’re only passing on what we heard at HotUKDeals

Our first object of desire is a Toshiba 32AV555DB 32" HD-ready digital LCD TV. Mmmm, if that description doesn’t make you want to try and ingest your own tongue with lust then we don’t know what will.

It’s available for only £314.99 but you might be able to get that price down to £240.81 if you listen to the wise old sages at HUKD. There’s also a 0% interest 3-month payment scheme available to help take the strain.

Once you’ve got your new TV all set up, sit back and pour yourself a nice glass of Baileys, the boozular drink of winners. What? You’ve got none left? You’ve finished the 17 bottles you got pre-Christmas when it was just a tenner a litre?

Just as well we know where you can get some more… for a tenner a litre! The holy grail of Baileys pricing! Click here for more info… and if you want to send us a some as a thank you, that would be great. Just write “FOR ANDY ONLY” on the side of the bottle in Tippex. Cheers like.

Now then, what to watch on your telly that’ll make you roar with laughter as the Baileys goes a-coursing through your veins. We really don’t recommend you look any further than the whole of The Smell Of Reeves And Mortimer on DVD – 2 discs for just £4.99.

As a taster, here’s the pair’s magnificent version of Stars In Their Eyes – worth a fiver just on its own. Especially when you’re ripped to the tits on Baileys.

(deals found by whizzkid, cacaroca and andywedge)

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