HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 5th September

new hukd logo Get yourself a washing up bowl and line it with cotton wool before you go any further. That’s because when you read today’s best bargains, your actual eyes are going to fall out of the front of your head. For sure.

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1009236_1We’ll kick off with a genuine Bitterwallet DVD recommendation. It’s The King of Kong, a gripping documentary about the battle between two men as they attempt to achieve and hold on to the world’s highest score on Donkey Kong. No, seriously, it’s brilliant.

If you’re prepared to back our judgement and order yourself a copy, you’ll only have to shell out the minute sum of £2.99, with free delivery. If you’re looking for something a little bit more easy-going, try series one and two of The Trap Door – that’s only £2.99 as well.

1009118_1Next, comes a great chance to save many £££s off the price of some Nintendo games, for both the Wii and the DS gizmos. For the rest of today, you can get a whopping 50% off certain titles.

They include the one about the little man, the one for your brain, the one about the other man, the one that will make you fit and the one that’s a load of old shite (Wii Music). Be warned though – the original RRPs are fairly high, but you’ll still get some good games at low prices.

1008613_1Are you a grown adult with a job and friends and things who inexplicably finds pleasure in reading the Harry Potter set of books? You know, that wildly popular collection of CHILDREN’S books? You are? Phew, blimey.

Well here’s something for you that will allow you to play your perverted little games out there in public among the other, actual grown-ups. It’s the complete collection of the children’s Harry Potter books, but with different covers, so they look like they were written for adults. Which they weren’t – they’re for kids. Anyway, £30.84 for the lot.

(deals found by HUKD members 4leafed, lucerysmum, dreamdazzler, and clara42)

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