HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 5th January

Brace yourselves people – there’s a big chill a-coming. If reports are to be believed, we’re going to be frozen into our homes for the next week as Jack Frost and his gang calmly stroke the UK with their spindly icy fingers.

We’re reaching for the brandy just thinking about it. But fear not – thanks to these tips, in conjunction with HotUKDeals, should help to ease the pain and thaw the freeze.

Kicking off, here’s a Brother DCP-135C All-In-One printer, yours for just £34.49 delivered and in your home. Replacement ink cartridges are reassuringly affordable if you shop around too.

We recommend that you get along to and download a bunch of snaps of roaring fires then print the out and huddle around them for warmth. If that doesn’t work, burn them inside a big metal bin.
(deal found by Predikuesi)

Next, how could you keep warm with a kilo of carrots? We’re not sure, but if you had 20 kilos, we’re pretty sure you could use them to make a nice cosy fort in the middle of the living room. Like fire, they’re orange, so they must emit heat – it’s basic physics innit?

Click here to find out which supermarket chain are flogging a kilo of carrots for just a pound, and self-assembly carrot forts for just £20.
(deal found by freddykrueger)
Finally, you can forget about the fact that it’s so cold that you can’t go for a wee without snapping it off by indulging in a hefty dose of the best medicine – heroin. Sorry, that should be laughter.

Harry Hill’s hill-arious live Hooves DVD can be had for just £2.99 at HMV, although it was out of stock when we checked. Worry not you shivering fools, Amazon are doing it for a penny less – chuck in Harry’s new joke book for an additional £2.99 and you’ll get free delivery. Chill out crimefighters, and we’ll see you when the floods come.
(deal found by andywedge)

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