HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 3rd October

new hukd logo A gaming phone, some fake poo and nappies – three items that are almost completely unconnected but somehow we’ve got them all lined up together here at Deals Of The Day, Bitterwallet’s round-up of the best bargains of the last 24 hours, straight out of HotUKDeals

1029194_1The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play phone-stroke-gaming-contraption just keeps on dropping in price. Perhaps that’s because it’s a load of old rubbish and no one is buying them. Perhaps it’s just because Sony Ericsson are feeling in a benevolent mood and want us all to have a bargain.

We’re not arsed either way – all we care about is that magical price figure. Right now you can get it as a PAYG phone, albeit tied to T-Mobile, for just £154.99. You’ll also get a £5.00 credit thrown in, making it less than £150 in reality.

1028855_1Once you get your Xperia Play, you might like to start paying the exciting games that are available for it. Whatever you do, don’t have an absent-minded moment and accidentally dip it into a jar of Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread.

If you do, it probably won’t work so well. Either way, you can console yourself with the knowledge that you can get a 400g jar of the stuff for only £1.00, down from the RRP of only £1.90. Fill your boots. Not literally.

1024774_1Finally, have you had a baby recently? Are you looking to have one soon? Perhaps you’re the size of a baby yourself and enjoy wearing nappies? Hang on – maybe you ARE a baby? And you can READ and everything? That’s tremendous.

Celebrate your good fortune by splashing out on some Little Angels newborn nappies (size 1) – you can currently get 44 of them for only £1.00. Enjoy your weird lifestyle… if you can. And don’t go using the Nutella as fake… you know…

(deals found by HUKD members ritin.jain, fub, gazandlaurenne)

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