HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 3rd November

WARNING: My brain is really not engaging itself today, so there may be a noticeable drop in the quality of today’s Deals Of The Day. Thanks, as ever, to the rampaging bargain hunters at HotUKDeals, without whom this post would make even less sense than it already does.

It’s World National FIFA 09 Day today or something – football game isn’t it? All fast-moving thumbs and that sort of thing. The game has been reduced to less than £20 on the big three formats – PS3, Xbox and Wii. Oh, my head hurts. Actually, it doesn’t hurt, it just feels as though there’s a particularly woolly dog rolling around inside it. Is that normal? Perhaps it’s a Monday thing. Gnnnuuh.

Brighten up your living abode with a fresh lick of pure white paint. 10 litres of the stuff for just a tenner. It’ll smarten up any home – alternatively, you could try sniffing it. I might do that - it can’t make my brain feel any less foggy than it does right now. Is three Chinese takeaways in a single weekend too many? Maybe that’s what’s caused this feeling of melancholy and confusion. All that MSG can’t be good. I’ve got back ache too and when I look at anything pink, my left eye starts to twitch.

NHS Direct – they might have an answer. I’ll give them a ring in a minute. Meanwhile, who likes In The Night Garden? Me too, although watching it at this very moment in time would probably spark a psychotic episode. Anyhow, the best selling Dancing Iggle Piggle toy/doll product is reduced by 50% if you know where to look. HERE will tell you where to look. Iggle Piggle’s got a blanket. Why haven’t I got a blanket? Where can I get a good deal on a blanket? They’ll have to deliver it in the next 10 minutes. I’m really going to have to stop treating my body as though it’s a theme park at weekends…

That is all. I'm off to listen to Little Jackie's album now - it can only help. Have yourself a snifter below...

F*** me that's grand that is.

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