HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 30th March

The clocks have gone forward, British Summer Time is upon us, and the urge to get outside and DO STUFF is oddly overwhelming. Already this morning, we’ve all been out for a Bitterwallet team ramble and we found a tyre swing hanging from a tree and played on it for ages and everything.

But without wishing to come over all full-on Blue Peter, here’s some outdoorsy things that you could all be doing, and they’re all pretty affordable thanks to HotUKDeals.

Now that it’s almost definitely Spring, with warm sunshine covering our faces, it’s time to get into the garden and grow something. Anything. So why not invest the small sum of £3.49 for 10 strawberry plants?

That’s what you can get if you follow this link. Within a few months you’ll probably be harvesting a few poxy little strawberries that taste a bit weird, but the satisfaction you’ll feel will slightly make up for the disappointment.

If you want to aim higher than the humble strawberry and turn your garden into a blooming orchard, there’s fruit trees to be had from Aldi for just £4.19 apiece. Apple and pear-flavoured trees are among those on offer, with more info here.

Soon you’ll be feverishly brewing your own cider and occasionally shooting local kids in the knackers with an air rifle after they’ve scaled your fence and tried scrumping from your beautiful, beautiful orchard. The howling shits.

Lastly, something you can use to keep watch over your beloved orchard as you await the inevitable scrumping attacks. Binoculars. Alternatively, you can put your paranoia to one side and use them for birdwatching or light perving (Note: Bitterwallet does NOT condone light perving.)

They’ve got 50mm objective lens diameter with 10x magnification, robust rubber-coated metal casing, exceptional viewing due to BaK-4 prisms and fully coated lenses, fold down rubber eye caps for spectacle wearers and come complete with hardwearing polyester pouch, neck strap, dust caps and cleaning cloth. It says here. Plus there’s a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Marvellous – quick, to the Bitterwallet Perving Twitching Hut at once!

(deals found by massmail666, Charlie23 and amibees)

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  • Joff
    Quite right. Bitterwallet realises light perving is a pointless exercise and for serious perving you want night vision or paparazzi style telescopic lenses. Hands free of course.

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