HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 2nd February

As usual, given a small dusting of snow, the entire nation grinds to a halt. Thankfully we all live a third of a mile underground here at BWHQ, so the only thing we’ve got to worry about is whether the Fortnum & Masons delivery boy will be able to get to our entrance hatch with February’s hamper.

Why not stay in, put your feet up and peruse today’s snazziest of bargains, all of them found shivering in that savings snowdrift we all call HotUKDeals

The Village hotel chain are having a sale, with rooms available from just £25 per night for B&B. If they’re anything like a real village, there’ll be loads of people having it off with each other behind their partners' backs and an inherent mistrust of strangers.

Helpfully, over on HUKD, rhinopaul chips in with his opinion that, “The Bournemouth Dorset Hotel has terrible service & the leisure facilities are always broken.” Don’t all rush at once eh?
(deal found by daveo1)

You can even save some squids by getting to your hotel of choice using the 2For1 rail ticket offer that has started in The Sun as of today. Terms and conditions apply, there’s codes and shizzle to be collected, and you’ll need to know someone who’d be prepared to travel somewhere with you in order to make it happen.

You’re shuffling from foot to foot and looking awkward at that last bit aren’t you?
(deal found by kyle86)

If hotels and rail travel seems too much like hard work for you, maybe you’d rather just shut the curtains, lock the door and have a toasted sandwich instead.

No problem – here’s some toastie bags that fit in your toaster and make a delicious mess-free snack in minutes. The Fortnum & Masons boy still hasn’t arrived so it’s a cat food and used teabag toastie for us this afternoon.
(deal found by nemo erehwon)

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