HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 29th June

Here we are then, exhausted from a fantastic Glastonbury weekend. We’re covered in muck, have hardly slept for three days and there’s a slight possibility that we’ve contracted Swine Flu. Hard to believe we only watched the thing from the sofa in BWHQ. Boom tish.

So, bargains then. From HotUKDeals. A-onetwothreefour…

Sadly, we’re all still slack-jawed with disbelief at the sudden demise of pan-racial a-song and a-dance man Michael ‘Sir Wackson’ Jackson. If you’re as down as we are, you can now get a 2-DVD collection of his finest visual promotional films, History, for only £8.95.

By the way, if you’re offended by my use of the nickname ‘Sir Wackson’ I should qualify it by explaining that I bought all of his singles while he was alive. Therefore, I legally owned a piece of the man and so I can say what I frigging well like. Thanks.

Sticking with washed-up musical 'legends', you might have tuned in to the rockular stylings of Bruce Springsteen at Glastonbury over the weekend only to see ‘The Boss’ deliver a stodgy set of old cobblers that has somehow been passed off as some kind of musical miracle.

If you ask us, Springsteen was utter gash and Status Quo were the real revelation of the weekend. But we can’t find any Quo deals, so here’s Springsteen’s 3-CD ‘Live 1975-1985’ box set for just a fiver.

Finally, if you don’t agree with the musical opinions expressed so elegantly above, you probably need your eyes tested. So you’ve come to the right place, if indeed you can actually read any of this.

Let us guide you in the general direction of prescription glasses and lenses delivered for just £10.00. You’ll also get a free hardcase and cleaning cloth. Maybe then you’ll get to see footage of Springsteen doing his Irish folk song and you’ll want to rip your own eyes out. Hang on, that should be ears shouldn’t it? Nobody looks at music. Bollocks.

(deals found by HUKD members aamir007, bivis87 and andywedge)


  • Nick
    Sad to say if thats the only gash listed as deals from a fabulous Glasto weekend then well....wacko WAS a performer, and Springsteen IS a bland stadium rocker. Shame there are not deals on Bat For Lashes, Friendly Fires, White Lies..they were the best talent at Glasto.
  • Pokey
    Finally, if you don’t agree with the musical opinions expressed so elegantly above, you probably need your eyes tested. What? Did you miss much of your primary school education?
  • paul
    hmm i agree nothing really mind blowing

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