HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 29th December

It’s over. Christmas we mean. The rats have dragged the turkey bones out from the top of your wheelie bin, gnawed them and scattered them across the garden. If you haven’t had the vomiting bug yet, you’re due to get it in the next 48 hours.

What to do? Shop of course! There’s bargains everywhere, whether it be from high street stalwarts who have gone into administration, those who are teetering nervily on the brink of it, or real shops who are doing okay thank you very much. Here’s our pick of the day, in conjunction with our good friends at HotUKDeals…

If you’ve got children, you’re probably completely sick of them by now. Ungrateful little wretches, you spend hundreds of quids on them for Christmas and what do they do? Moan at you because you can’t get the infernal packaging off their dolls quick enough, then spend most of the time playing imaginary schools on the stairs with their little mate from down the street while utilising absolutely NONE of the new gifts whatsoever.

I’m generalising of course. But, if they’ve got a few Christmas quids of their own to spend, donated by relatives too lazy to bother buying them a proper present, they might want to treat themselves to an exciting ready bed. Loads to choose from, all at £12.49. Find out more here.
(deal found by AnnaK)

If you’ve already succumbed to the winter vomiting bug and are trying to keep your body pure from further infections and invasion, you might want to try filtering your tap water. If you can't manage that, just vomit into that pail some more.

You could try to stop throwing up for an hour and haul your shivering carcass down to Superdrug. There you’ll find a 2.6 litre Brita filter jug at the crazy price of just £2.99. No, you’re not hallucinating because of your illness, although that Komodo Dragon over that’s selling the reduced mince pies did just lash his tongue at you – it means he thinks you’re sexy.
(deal found by Rob_B)

Speaking of sexy, it’s been too long since we’ve gratuitously pointed you in the direction of some saucy pictures of women in their bras highlighted a fantastic ladies underwear sale. So we will. Now.

It’s all happening at BraStop and there’s hundreds of arousing pictures for you to look at bargains to be had. Take the rest of the day off and go there now via here. The best bit is when there’s a shot of a nice lass in her pants and it says something like “74% Off” in the corner of the pic. Superb.
(deal found by tonto1512)


  • ODB
    Interesting fact..... I would do her!
  • steve
    if the women came with the bra then it would be a bargin ;)
  • Bob
    "If you’ve got children, you’re probably completely sick of them by now." Nope, I've sold them into slavery until they're old enough to be put on the game, earns me a pretty penny too.
  • Norovirus B.
    [...] in Ester Ross at Invergordon while passengers receive treatment for the better known name of the winter vomiting bug.  All steps are being taken to ensure the safety of all [...]

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