HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 28th March

hukd_logob1 We’re all about diversity here at Deals Of The Day and as proof of that, there’s stuff that even coloured lesbians could enjoy. And vicars. And people who have it off with animals. Something for everyone.

All of it, and more comes hurtling at us straight from HotUKDeals. Beautiful.

907888_1Everyone loves the magical, timeless films of Disley. Every single one of them conveys the message dreamt up by the company’s founder, Wink Disley – namely ‘the good guy always wins and the chick always gets at least one of her boobies out.’ Now you can get a load of Disley films as part of a BOGOF offer.

Hold on, we’ve confused Wink Disley with Walt Disney – trust us, it’s easily done. So it turns out that it’s a load of DISNEY Blu-rays that are on BOGOF, working out at £7.49 each. There’s a list of them on HUKD but we’ve never heard of any of them. We’re sticking with the Disley classics we know and love.

907786_1Next, the gift that keeps on giving. We speak of course of time itself. You’re probably still reeling from the advent of British Summer Time yesterday – unsure of when to go to sleep and when to get up and go to work, it’s a nightmare, and another example of Cameron’s Big Society trying to do us all up the shitter.

Now you can foil their dastardly plans on the cheap – get yourself one of these superbly-priced digital alarm clocks for just £2.00 and you’ll always be ‘ride on time’ as Black Box sang back whenever it was that they did it.

907703_1Finally, if you’re a fan of Notts County, there’s a great chance to enjoy some of their upcoming home matches in luxury, with some executive seating, a pre-match meal and a chance to meet the players after the game – all for only £22.

If you’re not a fan of Notts County, or you actively hate them, you could still go along, get a feed and then square up to said players afterwards, give them a load of verbals about who do they think they are and that, before staggering off into the night. It’s your choice.

(deals found by HUKD members cath1510, tewylissnami and Headingley_Lad)

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