HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 27th September

hukd_logob1 Have you been wandering around aimlessly all day long, wondering where you can get some cheap Weetabix, Pringles and Harry Potter DVDs? Yeah? Sorry, we can’t help you… oh no, wait, we can – that’s EXACTLY what we’ve got for you here today!

Of course, all of it is down to the lovely people at HotUKDeals, who have worked tirelessly to etc etc etc…

765431_1We begin today with Weetabix, arguably the one foodstuff that got this nation through two wars (Falklands and Gulf 1). It’s a true multi-purpose snack that’s appropriate for any time of the day – in hot milk, cold milk, with butter and/or jam on or just crumbled up into smithereens and snorted straight up your hooter.

It’s impossible not to love Weetabix – if you don’t, you should be made to live in a separate section of society like where they put the paedos in prisons. Anyway, before we get too carried away, there’s just time to tell you about a 72-Weetabix box for only £2.44, more than half price (down from £4.89)

765573_1While we’re on the subject of health and nutrition, we move on to Pringles, probably one of the most nutritious snacks on the scene today. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly, as the packaging can be re-used as a telescope or a percussion instrument.

Better still, there’s a buy-one-get-TWO-free offer on at the moment, which will nab you three tubes of Pringles for only £2.03. Yes, we know that there aren’t many places that charge the RRP of £2.03 on an ongoing basis, but still, 68p a go isn’t to be sniffed at. Unless you’re into grinding them down and sniffing them.

765825_1Finally today, a big DVD box set filled with tales of a short young man with round glasses and big dreams. Yes, it’s a special collection of Don Estelle’s best episodes of It Ain’t Half Half Hot Mum (one for the teenagers there).

We jest of course. What we’re actually on about is the complete collection of all six Harry Potter films on DVD and in one box set. And how much do you pay to have this impressive piece of work shipped to your home? Only £17.99. That’s £3 per film and you can’t turn your nose up at that – nor can you grind it all down and sniff it. Not without a struggle.

(deals found by HUKD members kaks26, nicster08 and mummy to 3)


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    We jest of course. What we’re actually on about is the complete collection of all six Harry Potter films i love Harry Potter it end

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