HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 27th October

Here we are again with your guide to the weirdest and most wonderful merchandise that the HotUKDeals bargain hounds have tracked down with their beautiful wet noses…

First up, a forking fantastic deal – a 24-piece cutlery set, going for just £2.99. It’s an Argos deal and you can find out more HERE. We don’t know if you’ve ever checked out the product review section on the Argos website, but it’s an entertaining way to find out more about the stuff you want before you get it.

An anonymous reviewer says of this cutlery set, “Got rusty after one month of use and the workmanship was bad. It hurts the hand while using the cutlery." Ouch.

Meanwhile, here’s Auddy from Down – "lovely and comfortable for my yorkie. he sleeps all night every night now." Auddy, if you’re using knives and forks on him, there’s probably a reason why he’s sleeping soundly. He’s probably cold, stiff and covered in congealed blood as well.

Bet you’ve always wanted a bright red towel warmer on your kitchen wall haven’t you? Wait, come back, there’s bright blue as well… ah, thought that would do the trick.

Now you can, and they’re just a penny shy of a fiver – linky here. Looking at them, we’ve got no idea how they work. Could be electricity, could be hot water, could be witchcraft. That’s not our problem. But a fiver is a pifflingly small amount to pay – little more than the price of an issue of a popular men’s magazine like FHM.

OR IS IT?  No, actually. If you’re a casual buyer of FHM, now you can snap up the next year’s worth of issues for a quid a month. 12 issues for £12 – how can that possibly be bad?

Well, it's only bad if you don't have an intelligence level slightly higher than that of the average doormat, your knuckles don't drag along the ground when you walk and you don't breathe exclusively through your mouth. But, if that sounds like you AND you like looking at titty pics as well, follow the link to find out more.

More tomorrow…

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