HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 24th November

The Chancellor’s pre-budget report will be unveiled in about half an hour. We’re expecting that Eyebrows will just reiterate what we already know – that we’re fiscally f***ed and there’s no hope.

Still, sod him. Here’s some of today’s bestest bargains so that you can try and spend your way out of the gloom without actually, you know, spending too much. Bargains courtesy of the spendthrift geniuses at HotUKDeals

Woolworths may be imploding but there’s still some bargains to be had from them before it all goes completely tits-up. Scalextric for example – a £60 set on offer for just £26.54, which isn’t bad by our standards.

As the HUKD posters rightly say, it leads to so many questions. Like ‘if I choose the collect instore option, will the store still be there when I go to pick it up?’, and ‘why would I want to play with an outmoded piece of old tat like Scalextric when I could be larging it on Super Mario Kart instead?’ Perhaps children, perhaps that, in a nutshell, is why Woolies is utterly screwed.
(Deal found by dawn1e)
As I type this, I’m looking out of my window and I see an apocalyptic vision. A torrent of hailstones are currently being puked out of the sky and are being bounced up the sloping road outside by a fierce gale. It’s winter alright and no mistake.

So, with that in mind, WHO WANTS AN OUTDOOR POOL PARTY? Yeah? Come on! Follow the link and get yourself a 12 foot wide, 32 inch high paddling pool, complete with pump! You don’t have to get totally butt nekkid if you don’t want to. Whaddaya mean, f*** off? Killjoys.
(Deal found by captain_jack)

Hey bumders – want to see probably the best new British sitcom since Peep Show? Want to pay less than a bluey for it (that’s 1970s slang for a fiver slang fans)?

Now you can – it’s called The Inbetweeners and is a bit like Skins, only way funnier. Focusing on the lives of a group of schoolkids who are neither geeks nor cool (hence the show’s title,) it’s already given birth to a raft of catchphrases – like ‘bumder’ what I used back there a bit earlier. Also, see very funny ‘football friend’ clip below.
(Deal found by PabloInTheSky)

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