HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 23rd May

hukd_logob1 Here we are again, with the bestest bargains in the bargain barn that is HotUKDeals from the past 24 hours. Prepare to be dazzled and overwhelmed by the urge to part with huge amounts of your cash…

943340_1We kick off with some supermarket clothes. Once upon a time, buying your threads from supermarkets was a sign that you’d pretty much given up on life, but these days, the likes of Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s all have some fashionable and highly desirable items in their sartorial arsenal.

Oh hang on, perhaps it means that WE’VE given up on life. Seems plausible. Anyhoo, it’s the latter of the supermarkets that we named, Sainsbury’s, that we’re focussing on – from tomorrow there’s 25% off across their Tu range of clothes. Time to treat yourself to a T-shirt with a picture of a ship on it.

943693_1We move swiftly on to one of the highest-ranked substances in the Sunday Times Substance List, as published every year since 1889, when the top substance was mashed bananas. FYI, this year’s top substance is pulped yams.

But we’re not here for idle banter about pulped yams, because we’re focussing on Nutella. You can get yourself one of the big 400g jars of the stuff for only £1.00 each, down from the normal price of £1.90. You can also get smuggle a kid into Legoland for free with the help of a voucher on the side of the jar apparently.

943102_1Finally, in what is as seamless a link as we’ve ever been able to pull off here at Deals Of The Day, here’s something that you can transport the aforementioned child to the aforementioned Legoland in – it’s a child’s car seat of course! Admit it, you thought it was a big suitcase didn’t you?

It’s the Graco Junior Maxi car seat and is a stage 2/3 size object. It’s got cup holders in and is capable of handling all manner of juice and confectionary stains without it disintegrating. Yours for only £20.

(deals found by HUKD members nicster08, geegee-pinata and Bristle Hound)

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