HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 23rd August

hukd_logob1 Cheese, batteries and rental DVDs. If that’s what you’ve got on your Deals Of The Day bingo card, you’ve won the jackpot. Sadly, as Deals Of The Day bingo cards don’t actually exist, you’re unlikely to have won anything.

Console yourself by tripping giddily over to HotUKDeals and rummaging around in among their bargains for a bit instead...

743732_1If we were to ask you who or what is the UK’s favourite Cheddar, you would probably reply that is John Cheddar, the star of Bergerac and Midsomer Murders. Good call, but in fact you’d be wrong.

The nation’s favourite Cheddar is apparently Cathedral City Mature Cheddar, which you can currently get a whopping 400 grams of for just £2.00. Oh, and it was John Nettles wasn’t it? Not John Cheddar. Hmm, fucked that up a bit didn’t we?

743726_1We move swiftly on to the seedy world of postal DVD rental. Someone somewhere sends you a DVD – you watch it (but don’t copy it as that would be illegal) and send it back. No one knows anyone’s name and the whole thing is a bit like a masked sex party. But not that much.

But get a load of this – for just one Earth pound, you can a MONTH of unlimited DVD rentals, with as many as two DVDs in your possession at any given time. Plus, if you subscribe to the cashback voodoo system that is Quidco, you can get £12 back in return (other cashback schemes are available)

743350_1Hang on – John Cleese’s real name is John Cheese isn’t it? THAT’S probably where the whole John Nettles/John Cheddar mix-up emanated from. So is John Cleese the nation’s favourite Cheddar? You know what – he probably isn’t. He’s not even very funny these days.

Which brings us on to a box of 40 Duracell AA high power alkaline batteries that could be yours for just £13.49. Thank you for stopping by. See you again tomorrow.

(deals found by HUKD members ViperKeith, mysticjenny and andyfdo)


  • john m.
    is this a cheese shop sketch andy? oh well thats that fucked innit?
  • john m.
    is this a cheese shop sketch andy? no well that that fucked innit!
  • Phil M.
    Hi, my name is Brian (not really Phil Mitchell) THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT re: Blockbuster postal DVD rental offer This is to warn BitterWally readers not to watch things online with these DVD offers. I used my Stepfathers Lovefilm account to watch a film online. I was browsing thier catalogue and was about to click and watch Rosebud (a lesbian film), when my hand slipped and i clicked on a film called THE FLUFFER (a girlyman film) Now this is showing as watched "Online Films" and i'm in trouble.
  • Rodolfo S.
    neat, just wondering, what template are you using?

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