HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 22nd November

hukd_logob1 Here’s your daily dose of the finest bargains around, and there wasn’t even time to tell you about the complete Toy Story Blu-ray collection for only £24.99.

All of that, and this, and the other is available for your delectation over at HotUKDeals of course.

806532_1You’ve got to feel sorry for poor Jason Manford. There he was, enjoying a meteoric career as a kind of Peter Kay substitute, with his cheeky Mancunian way of observing things that have already happened. Then suddenly, blam, he turns out to be a big tit enthusiast on Twitter and his career goes on hiatus.

Well, if you’re reading this Jason, you can still keep your hand in (while the wife’s out, obviously) with this DVD box set of movies directed by Russ Meyer for just £15.95. We’ve never seen them, obviously, but we’re led to believe that huge, ponderous breasts loom large throughout.

806803_1As winter’s icy tentacles begin to edge towards us, intent on enveloping our testicles (and whatever the lady equivalent is) in their chilling grip, we must look at ways of staying warm when outdoors (although we can’t think of any reasons to be outdoors between now and next May.)

Still, if that’s something that you’re into, you can at least keep your hands toasted with our next bargain – and even though it gives off heat, it’s also a very cool object. It’s a Zippo hand warmer, it’ll give off 12 hours of heat in your hands (or let’s face it, in your pants) and it’s only £16.50 delivered.

806370_1Finally, who among us has never yearned to film every single road journey they’ve ever been on, at least so that when they’re old and infirm, they can recreate their glory years of mundane travel, one revisited trip at a time.

Well now you can with this vehicle/bike cam that will film all of your journeys (and accidents) on the 8GB micro SD card that comes with it. Best of all, it’s only £19.99. Amazingness.

(deals found by HUKD members David9900, Dantooine, aliandk and Martini)

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