HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 22nd November

hukd_logob1 We’ve got an unbeatable line-up of bargains for you today – a delicious feast of fresh, spicy food, a failsafe treatment for nits and an accessory that could make you play cricket as good as the likes of Shane Warne and David Gower.

As usual, they’re all here with immense thanks to the HotUKDeals members who found them for us.

807374_1Right, as usual, it’s tea time by the time we get our arses into gear and offer up the best bargains that we’ve found today. Which doesn’t leave us much time to knock together some grub in the BW kitchen before we go back to our desks and start on our shadowy night time work (don’t ask)

So we’re more than keen on a ‘Curry Meal Deal For Two’ which includes two curries, two rice, two naans and two snacks for only £4.00 as opposed to the usual £7.00. Well, that’s this fat little writer sorted – don’t know what the others will be having.

807352_1Rhyming as we go, we move on from curry and rice to head lice. The blight and scourge of school playgrounds up and down the land for decades, they’re here to stay like the common cold or Piers Morgan.

But your kids don’t have to suffer for long. Not with the wonderful remedies that are offered up by the Nitty Gritty head lice comb. The blurb says that it “quickly and easily removes head lice, nits and unhatched 'live' eggs the natural way... without any nasty chemical pesticides” and you can get one for just £5.99.

807319_1Finally, over in Australia, the Ashes are due to get underway soon. As you probably know if you’re a cricket fan, ‘sledging’ is a major part of the game whenever England and Australia meet on the cricket pitch. That’s when a bowler is dragged along the grass in a plastic sledge before he delivers the ball in the direction of the batsman.

You can recreate sledging in your own back garden or a nearby field by picking up one of these fantastic lightweight sledges for the affordable price of only £9.99. Apparently, you can also use them for hurtling down snow-covered hills at tremendous speeds as well. Weird.

(deals found by HUKD members Triker, PoppaLop and Haylhoo)

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