HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 22nd February

hukd_logob1 Hello from the summit of Mount Big Bastard Bargain. The air is thin up here but we’re surrounded by cut price games, charming wooden furniture and the sweet sounds of 60’s surf pop. Just like the top of any other mountain then.

As ever, our sherpas are from HotUKDeals. Without them we’d be as dead as dogs.

616881When we’re not fighting consumer battles or scouring websites filled with Japanese adverts, we like to relax by playing Forza Motorsport 3 on the Xbox 360, a game that is realistic a driving simulation as you can get, and currently only £14.99.

But we’re no spring chickens here and in the absence of the need for speed, we enjoy tootling around, practicing parallel parking and finding offroads leading to beauty spots where we can pull over and have a little picnic.

616397Have you ever wanted to turn part of your house into something that looks like it’s pulled out of a disused country pub? You know the sort of thing we’re talking about – a wooden table, corner nook and bench set?

Now that dream can become a reality and for only £149.99, a whole half of its RRP. Look at it – it’s gorgeous and is just crying out for a whining family or hopeful pub quiz team to be sat in it.

615363Finally today, a possible misprice but one that you can get delivered immediately with no worrying about whether or not your treasured goods are einging their way to you. That’s because we’re talking about an mp3 download.

Or rather, loads of them. For £3.69 you can download a 5-CD Beach Boys box set ‘Good Vibrations’ – yep, all for the price of an old-fashioned CD single and delivered straight to your hard drive. Six and a half hours in total and a saving of £128.39 compared to the individual prices of the songs. Surf-a-lama-ding-ding, as the Boys themselves might have sang…

(deals found by HUKD members DEALofaLifetime, Haylhoo and matt87)

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