HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 22nd December

As regular readers are probably aware, we like to have a thread that links our Deals Of The Day, and today is no different – sex tourism!

Ta muchly to the bumping, grinding love machines at HotUKDeals who unearthed today’s sexy, sexy bargains.

If you want to get your end away in a foreign land on the cheap, you’re going to need a hot look. We’re predicting that free rugby trousers will be the things to be seen in from January 2009 onwards.

Now you can bag yourself a free pair of them (just pay postage) if you follow the link and before long you’ll be fully equipped to go on the pull. You can mix them with any other items of clothing. Trust us – the response you’ll get from the opposite sex won’t waver. The rugby trousers are the key.
(deal found by pib100)

Next, you’ll need a destination for your sex tourism. Get yourself along to Ryanair’s website and find a location that’s involved in their Christmas Free Seat Giveaway.

If you’re new to sex tourism and need a rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a destination, ask yourself this question – ‘Would Gary Glitter go there?’ If your answer is yes, forget it.
(deal found by billy.shearer)

Once you arrive on your Ryanair flight, with your rugby trousers adorning your legs, you’re ready for a bunk-up. Simply trawl the bars, you silver-tongued shit, and see where it gets you.

But don’t go ill-equipped – here’s a 3-pack of condoms for just £1.99 that will be perfect for you. Did we mention that they’re extra-small? Well, you know, with those ridiculous rugby trousers you’re wearing, we just sort of assumed…
(deal found by ste666)

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