HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 20th July. No, Tuesday.

hukd_logob1 Dancing shoes! Personalised clouds! Lockjaw prevention tablets! Just some of the stuff that aren’t featured in today’s round-up of the best bargains around.

Never mind – do a search at HotUKDeals and you might find them there.

722858_1We kick off today with a bit of Blur. No, not the Britpop grandmasters but the recently-released game for the Xbox360 and PS3. We played it once and it made us dizzy and confused and crave some mild heroin. You can put that on the posters games-makers.

Anyhoo, Blur can be had right now for the mere price of £20.00 delivered. Better still, if you’re eligible for certain vouchers, cashback and other tomfoolery, you can get it for £15.64.

723168_1Next comes some blank CD-R discs. You know, for burning legally-obtained music on to, or photographs that you’ve taken yourself and own the copyright to. Nothing else though – certainly nothing that isn’t yours to own.

You can get 100 of these things for £6.03 delivered at the moment. Should last you about eight years as long as you keep away from the pirated stuff. Okay?

723296_1Finally, a cracking offer for those of you who can’t see so well and would like to be able to see better. It’s a pair of prescription glasses that those in the know (ie; people who can see) are calling ‘really cheap’.

There are 30 frames to choose from and you can get yourself a pair for as little as £8.50 delivered. Wow – we don’t think you’ll ‘see’ a better deal for glasses anywhere today! Did you ‘see’ what we did there? Eh? Didn’t completely work unfortunately. Oh shit, we should have referred back to Blur somehow. Bollocks!

(deals found by HUKD members 2Thumbs, Mawby and martinnelsen)


  • Palmface
    It's Tuesday you fools!
    I think one of your current advertisements initiated my web browser to resize, you may well need to set that on your blacklist.

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