HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 1st June

Hey you! Why not take some time out from slowly roasting yourself in the sun / complaining about the bloody heat in here (delete as appropriate) to have a look at some of the best bargains around at the moment.

As ever, they’ve been unearthed by the HotUKDeals members, who believe that helping you lot to save cash is better than frolicking about on a beach, showing off your body while chucking a bloody Frisbee around.

First up, you can cool down in style with a slug of that classy flavoured milk drink Frijj. It’s currently available at less than half price – only 47p a bottle. Hallelujah! Gloopy milktacular!

Opinions are divided among the HUKD members as to whether they’re a divine treat for the tastebuds or a surefire recipe for indigestion. We couldn’t actually give a toss and instead have an overwhelming urge to sit in a deckchair and watch a village cricket match. So there.

Next, after we’ve checked to see if can help us (it can’t), we turn to a telly deal – namely the Samsung 46" LE46A686M1 HD 1080p LCD TV. It was £1499.99 but now it’s just £799.99.

Flip over to the HUKD forum, where you can trawl through another heated debate over the pros and cons of this, and any other 46” LCD TV. At the end, you will be absolutely none the wiser. It’s all about opinions at the end of the day Brian.

Finally, a little trick that could help you get into Disneyland Paris for just a fiver or even less. You’ll need to go to HotUKDeals to find out how it works but if you can pull it off you’ll save the proverbial ££££££zzzzz.

Then off you go into the sickly, candy-covered world that is DLP – tempered only by the arrogant Frenchness of the customer service you’ll occasionally receive as the Disney façade slips momentarily. No, seriously, it’s great. Anyone fancy a game of cricket? We'll watch.

(deals found by CardFan, PennysMakePounds and neilc)


  • Mike H.
    I would have thought you would have self contained air con units that would protect you for a number of hours should anyone on the outside fart near the bunker, surely that'll keep you cool?* *Note lack of profanity
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