HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 19th September

new hukd logo Cor blimey – what a selection of bargains we’ve got for you here in our daily round-up of the finest stuff to be gleaned from HotUKDeals. Everything from a dead fish to a Blu-ray of a stupid man. Get stuck in won’t you?

1019367_1We all enjoy fine dining in hip, swanky restaurants, but sometimes the prices can be a bit prohibitive. £5.95 for a thin slither of smoked salmon served on a deep-fried beer mat? No thanks, we’ll stay in and do something with this £2.00 sea bass that we got earlier.

But now and again, there’s an eat-out experience that is such good value that it’s impossible for us not to pull our tuxedos out of the back of the wardobe and get ourselves besuited and bebooted in order to take part. Like meatballs and chips for four people for only a fiver. Yum.

1019419_1Now is the time of the day when we turn our attentions to modern computer games, with their fancy graphics, loud noises and complicated plots. And then we start to feel a bit dizzy and play Peggle on our phones instead.

But maybe that complicated crash-bang-wallop stuff is what you lot are into. So with that in mind, you might be keen on the idea of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Special Edition on the PS3 and Xbox 360 for only £9.99 apiece. Or even Gears Of War 3 on the Xbox for just £25.00 when you buy 2100 Xbox points, which will set you back £18.00.

1019402_1Finally, a Blu-ray that will give you the opportunity to watch a man with a head like an unemployed peanut as he travails his way around the globe carrying nothing other than his passport and his stupidity. The man is Karl Pilkington.

He’s off around the world in series two of An Idiot Abroad on Sky One shortly but you can see what he got up to in the first series courtesy of this Blu-ray. It’ll be in your hand and ready to watch for only £6.99. Warning: contains Ricky Gervais’ diabolical laugh, a sound that is only marginally more agreeable on the ears than that of Jimmy Carr.

(deals found by HUKD members laltufan, JustMe000, pjc83, nicster08 and oxDAVIDxo)


  • StuPid
    I mentioned the HUKD Deals of the Day on my cover for the Bitterwallet Magazine Cover 'competition'. Look, Bitterwallet - if there have been issues that meant you couldn't finish hosting the competition then no problem, but at least tell us because it's been weeks since it closed. At one point on Twitter you suggested that the entries would be visible 'soon' but then nothing. As I'm sure you've noticed - many of your avid readers have made mention in the comments of various stories, but you haven't responded. Please just say something!
  • Blimey C.
    What StuPid said - fes up bitterwallet! Anyone got Lynn Faulds Woods number?
  • Paul C.
    Completely agree with the above. Get it together guys - not even addressing it makes you look like frauds like Groupola.
  • PokeHerPete
    Time for a football chant! Are you groupola in disguise? Are you groupola in disguise? ARE YOU GROUPOLA IN DISGUISE?

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