HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 19th July

hukd_logob1 Crisps! A cricket game! Some cheap broadband routing action! If that doesn’t sound like the ingredients that will lead to a happy and fruitful life then we’re Los Lobos.

All that and more here and from our good friends at HotUKDeals...

722598_1In the cricketing world, Englanders and Australianers are gearing up for another test match tussle between the two enemy nations, with the Ashes set to begin in November of this year.

If you’ve got an Xbox 360, you can prepare yourself by catching a near-fatal dose of Ashes Fever by getting a copy of Ashes 2009. It’s got a picture of a fist-pumping Kevin Pietersen on the cover and is only £2.99 delivered.

722399_1Next up comes something that will keep your body in tip-top condition as you while away hours, days and weeks pretending to be a computer-generated cricketing superstars. That is, if your body has reached its current condition through over-exposure to Walkers crisps.

It’s an offer for a stonking 32-packet box of the aforementioned Walkers crisps, with 12 packets each of cheese & onion and ready salted flavours as well as eight bags of the slightly tangier salt & vinegar. All for just £3.00. Oh yes, that’s probably about 2p per packet. It’s certainly so cheap that we couldn’t be arsed to work it out properly.

722685_1Finally for now, a chance for you to get your internet pipes to fire out the zeroes and ones wirelessly, through the sky and at your electronic devices, without giving anyone cancer or brain haemorrhages or any of that stuff.

It’s a Netgear DGB111GUK (DG834g+WG111) 54G ADSL modem router with USB 2.0 adapter starter kit and it’s only £19.99 delivered. Now sod off and either buy one, or don’t.

(deals found by HUKD members thejazz, nicster08 and theboss4)

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  • Palmface
    Cricket's gone up to £9.99 now :\

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