HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 19th April

hukd_logob1 As the rhyme says, Monday’s child is fair of face. That’s because Monday’s child has been to HotUKDeals and is now the proud owner of a huge box of Weetabix, an exciting limited edition Xbox game and a weird machine that cleans loads of stuff.

Read on to see how you can become more like the jammy little bastard that is Monday’s child…

659223Weetabix – the nation’s favourite. Once upon a time it used to exist in only one form, but now you can get an isotonic Weetabix drink, a range of Weetabix pies, the Weetabix nightclub in central London and a chain of Weetabix theme parks all around the world, hosted by the Weetabix skinheads from the adverts.

We digress of course. In fact, we lie. Most of that last bit was utter tripe. But what is true is that you can now get yourself a box of 72 Weetabix for only £2.40 – less than half the usual price. That’s all you really need to know.

659751Next, yet another deal for Forza 3 for the Xbox. But this one is a bit special – for only £17.99 you can get a limited edition of the game with a whole bundle of magnificent added extras thrown in as well.

You’ll get the game, a collector’s keychain, a 2GB USB thumbdrive, Forza 3 Community VIP membership and a load of cars. We think they’re cars for the game, but if a bunch of real cars turn up outside your house, you’re hardly likely to screw your nose up at it all are you?

659630Finally, we’ve got the JPL 7000 ultrasonic cleaner. It’s a miracle of modern technology and will apparently buff up your stuff until it’s almost as good as new. RRP is £44.95 but you can get one for only £14.99. Yes, you.

It says here that it’ll clean, CDs, DVDs, watches, jewellery, electric components and much much more. We’d imagine that livestock would have to be cleaned on quite a low setting.

(deals found by HotUKDeals members hotmik, tinodz and millarcat)

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