HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 18th October

hukd_logob1 Later than usual, in an attempt to appear cool and edgy, we’re lighting up some fancy ‘jazz cigarettes’ and casually pointing you in the direction of the hippest, nattiest bargains on the block right now.

As ever, we’re snapping our fingers to the be-bop sound that’s coming out of HotUKDeals...

780400_1We all love chips right? I mean, we’re British – it would probably be illegal not to. But have you heard about the new way of making chips? The ‘third way’ that doesn’t involve deep frying them or bunging frozen ones of them into the oven for 20 minutes.

That’s right – we speak of course about making them inside a big kettle. They call them kettle chips. And you can buy them in bags as well, but whether they’re hot, cold or whatever is beyond us to be honest. Anyhow, six bags for just one pound right now, down from £1.98.

779956_1Next, a ticket to some super spooky fun this week, to coincide with the imminent arrival of Halloween. From today until Friday, you can get into Alton Towers from 4pm onwards for only £10. And as the theme park is open until 9pm and beyond, and all the really spooky stuff happens after dark, that HAS to be a bargain.

Here at BW HQ, we’ve convinced Mof not to shave for a couple of weeks and we’ll be dressing him up as some kind of diabetic man-beast and sending him into the local supermarkets to see if he can trick them into giving him some free Mars bars. We might even do a story about it.

780153_1Finally today, an item that would enhance the kitchen of even the richest earl or duke, or alternatively act as a pillow for the man who sleeps under the bridge (albeit a very uncomfortable pillow). It’s a Jamie Oliver cutting board and although it was £14.99, it is now down to just £3.74.

Why not go down the butchers and get yourself a nice fat piece of tongue that you can practice your chopping on? Your frenzied, deranged, uncontrollable chopping. Fat tongue twat.

(deals found by HUKD members Waltzer, parisp and ramnee)

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  • Jim
    The only time I'd have any use for a jamie oliver chopping board would be if the sausage-lipped arsehole's neck was on it.

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