HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 18th May

The civil war in Sri Lanka is finally over after 26 years and the Tamil Tigers have been crushed by the country’s military. The Tigers’ leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, is believed to have been killed as he tried to make his escape.

If you’re a defeated member of the Tamil Tigers and you’re at a loose end today, you could do a lot worse than checking out these bargains from HotUKDeals. They’ll help raise your shattered morale AND save you a few pennies in your darkest hour.

Opinions are divided over the hit TV show Heroes – some say it’s a load of scarcely-believable guff aimed at overgrown children and people who are afraid to go outside. Others reckon it’s worse than being gassed.

No, seriously, a lot of people seem to like it for some reason. If you’re one of them, you might be interested to know that a collection of seasons one and two is out there in an 11-disc box set for a superheroic £16.95. Use your pointing and clicking superpowers by heading to HUKD to find out where.

He ‘retired’ from everything in 2004, but Eminem’s back! He’s easily our favourite rapper-that-looks-like-a-butch-lesbian and Relapse is his new CD, and is available for the rock-bottom price of just £5.97. EDIT: The album is also available for download at just £3.97.

It’s a return to the style of his first two albums and includes a song where he accuses his mother of feeding him drugs when he was a child. Possible lawsuit on its way there for Slim Shady. Unfortunately, it’s also got a few ‘skits’ on it – skits on albums should be punishable by death.

Finally, a heads up for those of you who like a bit of variety with your breakfast cereal, ie; gin, vodka or Stella instead of milk. Wait, that's not what the deal is about, although they are all perfectly valid options, even if you won’t find yourself winning any beauty contests in a hurry.

The price of the Kellogg’s variety pack of cereals has been slashed in half and is now a delicious 94p – for that you’ll get 8x192g boxes of different cereals, three of  which you probably can’t stand, and all of which with lots of inedible crumbs in the bottom. Still, the whisky might help to take the taste away. And the pain.

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  • Bernard B.
    Defo looks like a lesbanian, though not a particularly butch one, but defo the 'man' one.

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