HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 17th January

hukd_logob1Today’s Deals Of The Day is all about the finer things in life – we refer of course, to champagne, gold and a set of computer speakers with plenty of oomph!

As ever, the bargains come to you via HotUKDeals – you’d be mad to go anywhere else…

854365_1Tesco have recently sidled their way into the gold-trading market – a lucrative market in these times of extreme skintness, and as such, are trying to lure in customers with a tidy little offer.

They’ll give you £10 for every gram of 9 carat gold that you bung in an envelope and send to them. It’s a price that is better than many on the market – but not quite all. Check out the thread on the HotUKDeals forum for some ‘golden’ advice.

854278_1Once you’ve got the cash in your hand, you might want to celebrate your good fortune by immediately swapping it for a bottle of bubbly, or champagne as non-idiots call it. After all, you can get some for just £9.00.

There are whole range of varieties, styles and types of varieties of champagne on offer, from Moet to Mumm to Hanson and some others that we’ve never ever heard of because fuck knows, we don’t drink champagne round these parts.

854527_1Finally, some Logitech X210 2.1 speakers, perfect for transferring noise from your noise output device into your ears without chafing, burning or long-term scarring.

Still reading? Of course you are. You’ll be wowed to learn that you can nab yourselves a set of these magnificent animals for only £19.98 delivered.

(deals found by HUKD members mywife, offhistrolley and kzee)


  • nick
    the Logitech X210 2.1 speakers offer has finished!
  • Andy D.
    Fair enough. Space hopper for six quid instead anyone?
  • john k.

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