HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 16th February

It’s True Or False Week here at HotUKDeals Of The Day! Every bargain will be accompanied by a tricky teaser – we’ll present you with a fact and you have to tell us if it’s true or false (yes – it’s THAT simple).

All bargains sourced from HotUKDeals. Answers to be found at the bottom of the page.

THE DEAL: A Buffalo 1TB DriveStation external USB 2.0 SATA hard drive with TurboUSB. Back up all your files for just £76.99. Or just use it as a modern door stop. It’s totally up to you.

TRUE OR FALSE? The first external hard drive was built in 1927. It was the size of a bungalow and the data was written down on small pieces of transferred from the main computer to the external drive on the back of a dog, a West Highland Terrier named Kipsky.

THE DEAL:  Pixar Shorts DVD for just £5.99. A compendium of animated magnificence from the makers of Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars and many more others. These films helped change the face of animation forever and were probably responsible for the suicide of The Pink Panther in 1997.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Pixar’s first short film doesn’t appear on this collection after its original showing led to an expensive lawsuit for the company. In the film, a robin carries out a series of arson attacks on Korean shopkeepers in New York. The robin’s name was Eddie Murphy.

THE DEAL:  False nipples. From Ann Summers – down to £2.50 from £8.

TRUE OR FALSE?  It is a misconception that men cannot breast-feed. Men do produce milk, but it is of a very different texture and flavour to that produced by women. Men’s milk is thick and black, like tar and tastes like a mixture of water melon and rusted metal. Also, it takes at least nine hours of hard sucking before any of this milk comes out of the nipple.

(deals found by Janeyjugs, amibees, and Liam5170)

ANSWERS:  All facts are FALSE.


  • -=Mike H.
    After 10 hours of sucking my red raw moobs, I have finally began to secrete milk! Thanks BW, I knew there was a way! Mmmm, rusty watermellon, delicious.
  • ODB
    its spelt WATERMELON you fucking moronic twat

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