HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 15th February

hukd_logob1 Three red-hot bargains for you here, all linked together by the theme of WAR! Edwin Starr wasn’t sure what it was good for but if he’s still alive, this should help make his mind up once and for all.

Thanks to the warmongers at HotUKDeals who helped kick this whole conflict off in the first place.

JohnWest_tuna_chunks_in_brinePeople, there’s a war on, although it isn’t quite as horrific as the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq. This war is being fought out in the supermarkets over – cans of tuna!

Prices have been dropping like fish out a surrealist’s tree for the past couple of weeks, and now you can get four 185 gram tins of John West tuna chunks in brine for only £1.80. Best. War. Ever.

610925Next up, more war. This time it’s a war against a fictional but raging pandemic – in the light-hearted Left 4 Dead 2. We’ll pretend to know what it’s about at this point by using words like ‘Infected’, ‘zombie-like’ and ‘survivors’ that we pilfered from reviews of the game.

We’re thinking it’s a cross between Swine Flu and The A Team. Is that right? Either way, it looks like a bit of a giggle, and better still, for today only, you can order a copy on the PC for £14.99 or the Xbox 360 for just £22.99. New. Best. War. Ever.

090420-baby-mammoth-photo_bigFinally for today, we move away from horrible old war and turn our gaze on to free photographs, although if you want to get prints of your experiences within the fog of war, you’re more than entitled.

The offer is for 40 6x4 inch prints of your choice, for just 99p plus postage. There’s even Quidco available so you could end up making a profit while having 40 reasonably small photos of bayonets and shit littering up your house. War – why must it confuse us so…?

(deals found by HUKD members ronmanager, boomboom and zen95)

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