HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 15th December

Anyone suffering from Christmas fatigue yet? We don’t blame you – there’s still ten days to go before Santa makes the trip down the chimney, removes the gas fire, comes in and deposits the gifts before retracing his steps, leaving everything as he found it. But it feels like it’s been Christmas every day for the past month.

Maybe you’re considering opting out of the whole festive fandango. If so, here’s a plan of action for you that won’t cost the earth – thanks to the savings-spotters at HotUKDeals.

If you want to turn your back on Christmas, you’ll need some solitude. Why not hire a van, pack a sleeping bag and some supplies and head for the hills? You can get a van for ten days for just £75 if you follow the link.

Let it become your home for the Christmas period. DO not pack any tinsel, turkey or selection boxes. You can do this – you don’t need Christmas. Be strong.
(deal found by ahenry)

For part two of the plan, you’ll need a sturdy pair of walking boots – here’s a pair that have been knocked down from £90 to less than £30.

Once you’ve strapped them on, get even further away from the commercial hell by striding purposefully to the top of as steep a hill as you feel you can climb. The more deserted the better.
(deal found by doberman)

Finally, take along a personal CD player and this, a 170-CD box set of the complete works of Mozart. It’ll cost you less than £50, and ploughing through the whole thing will probably take you until next November.

No Noel Edmonds, no pretending that grandma hasn’t just farted when in fact she’s been doing it all day, no more small talk with your brother-in-law about the c****t c****h; just you, living in a van, spending your days sitting on top of a hill, listening to the complete works of Mozart.

Happy Christmas!
(deal found by andywedge)


  • Martin
    Are you the naked rambler? Or will you be taking clothes too?
  • Nathan P.
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