HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 14th September

hukd_logob1When we try an imagine the typical Bitterwallet reader, we think of someone who trades in games consoles that they wish they’d never bought, then spends some of the cash on a different game while idly thumbing through books that are clearly made for children.

So anyway, if that’s you, today’s your lucky day. If not, read on and change your ways. There’s plenty more bargains over at HotUKDeals as well…

468315Football Manager is undoubtedly the thinking person’s soccerball management simulation game. So get ready to pull on your mock-tracksuit and start bellowing profanities at a bunch of imaginary players because there’s a new one coming soon.

FM2010 is out in October and you can pre-order a copy for only £17.95 – a piffling amount that will buy you days and days of staring at a screen, managing pretend footballers while your world crumbles around you. Skill!

467903What’s that you’ve got stuffed away in the corner behind your telly, gathering dust? It’s a Nintendo Wii isn’t it? Thought you’d play on it all the time didn’t you? Even though you’ve got less hand-eye coordination than a pissed baby elephant.

Time to bail out then? Good idea – right now you can trade it in for £120 cash or the equivalent in games, or maybe a newer console. But you wouldn’t do that would you? You would? You brilliant idiot.

468273Finally, an item that got us interested purely from its name – it’s an Adult Harry Potter Book Box Set. All seven Potter novels for grown-ups in a nice box – and only £29.99.

Having investigated further, it seems that by ‘adult’ the publishers simply mean ‘having covers that aren’t aimed at children.’ Actually, that’s probably for the best, as adult themes in a series of books about children would be wrong. Unless they all got sucked into a giant blender on page one.

(deals found by HUKD members amibees, KillerChocobo and merlinthehappypig)

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  • verdilith
    "Even though you’ve got less hand-eye coordination than a pissed baby elephant." I think I love you.

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