HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 14th June

hukd_logob1 It’s all going on again here today – we’ve got a round-up for you that includes, hardcore hammer drill action, delightful Parisian theme park fun and a nice new pair of comfortable shoes.

Massive thanks to the bargainfinders at HotUKDeals. Go!

699445Here’s one that is going fast so read this bit quick, then read the next bit that’s all about it and then decide if you want one, and if you do, go and get it. Quickly. Okay?

It’s a Bosch PSB 14.4 LI-2 Cordless Lithium Ion Hammer Drill - it’s got £80 off its RRP and is only £49.98. We’re not experts, but we believe that the ‘PSB’ in its title means that it is used and endorsed by the Pet Shop Boys. Or something.

699387Next, we’ve got a big saving on a day hopper ticket for Disneyland Paris. It’s yours for just £16 as opposed to the regular price of over £40. Plus, the offer is open until the end of July.

If you go for it, say hello to our good Disney friends Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Martin Mouse, Maurice Mouse, Mia Mouse, McDonaghy Mouse and Drexl Spivey. We met them when we stayed there last year – we’ve got photos of us all together and everything.

699651Finally, a sale at one of Britain’s most iconic companies when it comes to well-made, comfortable shoewear. We speak of course of Clarks, and they’re flogging off some quality durable footclothing at up to half price.

You can visit your nearest store or peruse their website and get your purchases delivered to your nearest store for free. You can even try the shoes on by printing them out and glueing the printed picture on to one of your existing shoes to see if it matches. Or something.

(deals found by HUKD members Tetlee, sarahken and geegee-pinata)


  • June B.
    That is important. I wanted pictures to add in my school project as well images could possibly have posted are priceless. Thank you for them buddy! I guess teacher will enjoy my project since these images and of course the data I provided.
  • tools s.
    It is my opinion the top tool I have in my tool box is the battery cordless drill, I just demolished my bedroom and did a whole reconstruction and the tool I used by far the most and was very useful was my cordless drill. I'm sure for each project in the household I had the battery charged cordless drill in my hand. I think the transformation project would have taken triple the time without my best tool.

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