HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 14th December

hukd_logob1 Come with us into a world where delicious chocolate, hilarious DVDs that aren’t actually all that funny and glovular throwbacks are everywhere you look.

The name of this mystical-but-attractive world? HotUKDeals of course!

556297We’re kicking off today’s round-up with a festive deal that is as close to our hearts as the ones for Baileys that we post up whenever we get the chance. In fact, team us up with a bottle of the gloopy booze-juice and one of these and it’s Christmas every day of the year.

We speak of course about the mighty Terry’s Chocolate Orange, the spherical orb of delicious joy that will make even the most gregarious man or woman scuttle off to a quiet corner with one, holding the rest of the world at bay with an outstretched arm. No? Just us then? Oh well, they’re £2.36 and you can buy one and get TWO free right now.

556441Next comes Britain’s favourite sitcom that hasn’t actually got that many laughs in it. We speak of course about the Anglo-Welsh slice of annoying whimsy that is Gavin And Stacey. If you’re after the third and final series of the show, it’s just £7.95 on DVD for today only.

Unusually, the DVD has been released before the series has even finished on BBC1, so you can get a exclusive preview of how it all ends. SPOILER: Shortly before his arrest for a series of prostitute murders, it is revealed that the whole thing has happened in the mind’s eye of Uncle Bryn.

556366Finally today, a fashion item that you probably haven’t worn for many a year unless you’re a milkman or a Steptoe and Son tribute act. We speak of course, in hushed tones, of fingerless gloves.

These might come in handy as winter hits us like a sledge in the mouth, and as has been pointed out over at HotUKDeals, they allow you to use devices like PDAs, mobile phones and the like while still keeping your delictate hands warm. Better still, they’re only a pound a pair. Hey crimefighters, let’s beat that freeze together!

(deals found by HotUKDeals members Wayne86, GIANTHANDMAN and ibiza)

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