HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 13th June

hukd_logob1 Phew everyone – HotUKDeals is literally sweating out the bargains today. Look at this lot – a Bruce Willis overdose, a memory stick and some other stuff. Amazing scenes. Hold on tight, it’s about to get sexily horrible...

957117_1There’s no finer word in the English language that ‘quadrilogy’ is there? Of course it means a collection of four parts and sits nicely in between ‘trilogy’ and ‘quintuntlet’. Ooh, they all just tumble right off the lingual tongue don’t they?

Well then, here’s a quadrilogy that might make your eyes and ears bleed, packed that it is with excitement, running, fire and shouting. It’s the Die Hard films, in four 2-DVD packs and all yours for just £5.99.

957096_1All of us are always needing flash memory isn’t it? You know – for the storage of films, music and scat pictures that have in no way been acquired illegally off of That Internet. Oh no way no sirree Jim Bob.

But you can get yourself a Kingston 4GB DataTraveler G3 USB flash drive for only £3.99 at the moment if that’s what you’re into. Use your skill and judgement, as well as some info from HotUKDeals to bring that right down to a lip-quivering £3.79.

portal 2Finally, a computer game, and not one for That Wii or That Xbox or That Playstation, because frankly, we’re sick of them getting all the attention while the poor old desktop computer gets left out in the cold time after frigging time. By desktop computer we mean ZX Spectrum.

Right now, you can nab yourself a copy of Portal 2 for the ZX Spectrum for the low, low price of only £12.99. And it’s on the PC and Mac too for that very same meagre outlay. Apart from the Spectrum – you can’t get it for that. Yet.

(deals found by HUKD members basquille, LD2DVD and Musicrab)

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