HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 13th July

As we hurtle ourselves hair-first into a new week, a week that begins brimming with potential but that will inevitably shrink away into nothing like a cat’s knackers in a cold bath, only one thing can keep us sane. The pursuit of bargains.

We’ve been up since beyond dawn, hunting down some of the best bargains from deep in the heart of the HotUKDeals jungle. Now we’re back, with these beauties slung over our tired but proud shoulders. Feast on them, children, feast.

Wednesday, of course, will be St. Swithin’s Day. For the terminally thick, legend has it that if it rains on the day of St. Swithin, rain will continue to come for the next 40 days. This, of course, is absolute cock.

Wednesday is also the lesser-known St. Carlsberg’s Day. Drink a can of Carlsberg on the 15th and you’re doomed to neck at least one can a day until the end of August. Helpfully, you can get 24 cans of the stuff for only a tenner from Wednesday. Stumble over to HUKD for a look.

Likewise, St. Swithin’s Day dictates that if it is hot on Wednesday, then we’re in for a long, hot, bruising summer. Remember though, this is complete and utter cock. But it’s also a useful way to squeeze in a deal consisting of 10 choc ices for just 60p. In the words of sun-loving HUKD member ‘ibiza’…

“2/3s the kcal of a bag of crisps and just exactly what is needed after a taxing morning cutting the grass. (Although I actually had five, after killing the first five last night after bouncing in from the pub.) I now need to buy more for my nephew and niece visiting, unless I tell them I am ill and just eat the other ten myself. These go extremely well with whisky.” Genius.

Finally, a gizmo that has received almost universal praise from those who have played with it. It’s the XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker – try saying THAT in a hurry in a burning building.

It looks a bit like a buzzer from a crappy game show but produces a mighty wind of sound by all accounts. Better still, it’s only £16.28 delivered. So what the hell are you waiting for? St. Swithin’s Day?

(deals found by HUKD members PraxxtorCruel, Ibiza and janz70)

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