HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 13th December

hukd_logob1We’ve rounded up some of the smartest bargains around again for you – each one of them would make a perfect Christmas gift for someone or other. We don’t know who that would be though – we neither know nor care about your complex relationship arrangements.

What we DO know is that all of this stuff hails from HotUKDeals and the hotness is getting well hottier as the festive season approaches.

825674_1First of all comes The Ultimate Bourne Collection on the modern, internationally-popular Blu-ray format. All the Bourne classics, bundled together for a mere £14.99.

Better still, it’s the Jason Bourne films that were such a hit in the cinema, as opposed to the range of instructional films about 1950s accountancy that were fronted by the stilted, mumbling figure of Sir John Bourne.

825690_1Next comes a couple of knockdown-priced games, the kind of which we don’t understand fully because this isn’t Dealspwn. To be honest, we were dazzled by that Mario sex advert thing that is underneath this story.

Anyway, it’s Medal Of Honour on the PS3 and Xbox 360 for only £14.99 or if that doesn’t float your boat, there’s Halo Reach for only £17.99. That could be good, bad or god knows what – we haven’t got a clue.

825512_1Finally, a smell-flavoured bottle of old honk that you can hand over to a dear friend or relative, in the absence of thinking of something that they might actually want – it’s Fuel For Life fragrance from Diesel.

You can get 50ml of the stuff for just £17.50, which is half of its normal price of £35.00. We’ve ‘done the math’ on our fingers and reckon that it could be cheaper than actual diesel, so perhaps you can run your van on it if you buy enough.

(deals found by HUKD members arsenal79place, therams09, saveoneformetoo and eSimple)

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