HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 12th October

hukd_logob1 Whenever we try to imagine the typical Bitterwallet reader, we like to think of a violent game-player who overdoes it on high-end ice cream while obsessing over the perfect boiled egg.

We’re like that too you see. If that’s a neat description of you, you’ll love today’s bargains, courtesy of HotUKDeals. If it isn’t we don’t know what you’ll make of them, nor do we give a flying one.

488874Someone somewhere must have come across a huge mountain of unsold copies of Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Nintendo Wii. Instead of trying to get a dog to climb up said mountain and filming it for a laugh, they’ve decided to sell them instead.

And what a price! Just ten pounds to the likes of you and I, down from the RRP of £34.99. Better still, it’s actually a great game as opposed to some piece of crap that’s been marked down because of poor sales. Go for it you Wii-owners!

488672To some people, Christianity is a religion. To others, being a Jedi and getting kicked out of Tesco because you’ve got a hood over your head is a religion. To others, sitting watching telly while scoffing away at a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is a religion.

If you fall into the latter group, bow down and say Hallelujah. The 500ml tubs are available in a range of kerrazzy flavours for just £1.90 each right now. Show your devotion by putting away a couple of tubs at once then singing their praises down the toilet bowl an hour later.

488681The ability to perfectly boil an egg is something that has eluded mankind forever, in spite of millions of pounds of cash spent on research over the last few decades. Hang on, we’re getting it mixed up with a cure for cancer.

Never mind, you can now have more of an idea when your eggs are ready with this special Egg-Perfect contraption. When your eggs are ready, it’ll change colour. When your eggs are really overdone, it’ll turn black, smoke will emerge from it and it’ll explode. Probably. Anyway, it’s only £1.00 so what are you waiting for?

(deals found by HUKD members keyboardqueenie, Konamicode79 and GethandCat)


  • Peacecap J.
    The links are in the wrong order.
    • Andy D.
      Are you sure? Check again - I don't think they are! ;-)
  • Ed
    Love the blog, read it daily. Just a small typo in this article: "If it isn’t we don’t [know] what you’ll make of them" Thanks for the daily entertainment!

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