HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 12th July

hukd_logob1 Hey you – you’re looking confused. Is it because you’re itching to get some cheap eggs, a photo printer and a whole season of North West-based Premier League on the cheap? It is? Come this way then...

We’ll sort you out with all of that stuff, and if you follow HotUKDeals, you’ll get a whole lot more as well.

718172_1Did you wake up this morning and start hyperventilating when you realised that the World Cup is actually over? Yes, we know the feeling. Fortunately, we’re only about a month or so away from the start of the new season, and the pre-season friendlies have probably already begun on the quiet.

If you live in or around Wigan and want to see the local football team as they attempt to hang on to their top-flight status, then you can do that in a very affordable way. A combined season ticket for an adult and a child is only £250 at the moment, while you can get one for an adult and two childs for just £300. Go Wigs!

717719_1Next, we’ve got a handily-sized printer for printing out your photographic efforts – they say that it’s the world’s smallest digital portable photo printer, and as both Roy Castle and Norris McWhirter aren’t around to vertify the claim, we’ll just have to take their word for it.

It’s even got a name – the Polaroid PoGo and it’s currently reduced to an amazing £18.39 delivered. If you get one, take a snap of it for us, then print it out on itself and send it to us. There’s no prize – we’re just keen to waste your precious time.

718279_1Finally, we are reminded of the old saying “As sure as eggs are eggs” and we’ve never been more sure about anything more than we’re sure about this next offer. That’s because it’s for... EGGS!

Coming in a handy box of four, they’re free range which means that they haven’t had their eyes prised open in some factory and been made to watch Fantastic Mr Fox on an endless loop. And they’re only 50p per box, which at 12.5p per egg is the best bargain in the HotUKDeals farmyard today.

(deals found by HUKD members SeeBell, nibrows and ronmanager)


  • banned
    Two Childs? Or maybe children?
  • Chicken
    And the expression is "as sure as eggs is eggs," not are. But hey.

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